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About Access Vacations

As a licenced travel advisor, I can provide expert advice and personalized service. I serve various customer groups by pursuing a multi-specialty travel focus.

Hello, my name is Kerry Robbins. I am a TICO Certified Travel Advisor, with my own agency called Access Vacations currently hosted by one of the most reliable host agencies in the industry, Centre Holidays Inc. I have a home-based travel business, fully able to not only work from home or anywhere I can get internet, but I also mobile to your locations if required for your convenience. I don't believe in automatic telephone answering, so I offer a direct service line 24/7 for clients' satisfaction!

I am a licensed user of GDS, CLIA, and have access to all suppliers and tour operators including hotels, airlines, cruises, rail and car rental databases.

Those are some fancy travel words I just wrote that pretty much mean "I know what I'm doing and you can trust me!" so let me be your personal Traveling Lady, available when you are! 24/7 by phone and by appointment on a face to face meeting.

I offer the power of personal service!

Planning a great vacation, whether a weekend for two or a lengthy family holiday, weddings, honeymoon etc. takes a lot more than a few clicks of a mouse or reserving a few air tickets.

Yes you can look online and check dozens of different websites for airlines, seating, travel times, connections, hotel availability, activities, tours, car rentals and the accompanying reservations, deposits & payments (blah, blah, blah... I'm even getting tired of writing this)... but why bother?

Let me do the work for you. Quite simply... I work faster, knowledgeable with what's going on in travel world & destination countries, know exactly where to look and have "back stage passes" to the correct contact people and suppliers. Spend 10 minutes with me and I'll save you 10 hours with them. Guaranteed!

I will always price your vacation with several suppliers making sure I can find you the lowest price and will ALWAYS provide you with Professionalism, Respect, and Reliable Service.

Travel planning with a personal touch is my cornerstone and my goal is to exceed your expectations and have you come back over and over again.

E-mail me now and let's get started... I'll Do All The Leg Work and Mouse Clicks For You!